Editing Advice From Various Writers, A List

Alternative title: The Results of My Being A Magpie When Researching Editing

Recently I’ve done quite a bit of reading about editing—not because I don’t know how to edit, but because I want to improve my editing. After all, there must be a reason why I’ve never managed to polish a book (apart from chronic procrastinating). 

Perhaps, I thought, I might be going at it from the wrong angle or something. I am most definitely guilty of line editing prematurely but what else am I doing that I might be able to do differently? In other words, what do other writers do? 

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Book Titles, Necessary?

Alternative title: In Which I Attempt To Make A Coherent Discussion Regarding Book Covers


Lately I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about titles. Be it the title of a book, part of a book, or chapter, titles are, arguably, important. They exist to subtly reveal information regarding the content and thus intrigue the reader.

All that is well and good, but does the title of a book actually matter? 

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Introducing My Novel?

Alternative title: In Which I Prematurely Blab About My First Draft

Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 22.31.48

Although it’s already July, I’m yet to start my new Camp NaNoWriMo project; now this is for several reasons, firstly real life is being a bit of a nuisance at present, and secondly, I’m yet to ‘officially’ finish the first draft of my last project hereby affectionately and temporarily entitled ‘WiP#8’.

Why’s that?

Well, for starters, I still need to read through and correct all my typos (for there are many), and I’ve yet to blog about finishing it. The former, I will begin work on tonight, and the latter will begin now.

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How I Survived Writing 10,000 Words In A Day; An Account

Alternative Titles: How To Write Till Your Fingers Fall Off or How To Impress Other Writers If You Can’t Actually Write Well


Yesterday, for the second time in less than a week, I wrote 10,000 words on my novel. Now this wasn’t something I did in a couple of hours, nor something that was as spontaneous as it may seem; it took me about 7 hours excluding all the procrastinating and research (unrelated). 

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Writing Space, Writing in Space, Where to Write

Alternative titles: ‘The Ultimate Way In Which To Procrastinate; Travelling To Write’ or ‘More Reasons I Can’t Write Right Now’


In theory, you should be able to write anywhere as long as you have the means necessary to do so, so a pen and a napkin (at the very least).

I disagree with this.

If there’s anything I’ve learnt in the last year or so in regards to writing, it’s that there are certain places where the words tend to flow faster than in others. To some extent, however, I realise this all must be in my head. But I’m still curious to the question, mind vs. environment; which wins? Is there a winner?

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Why Tea is the Best Non-Alcoholic (Hot) Writing Beverage

Alternative title: A Socially Acceptable Way To Procrastinate In The Writing World or What To Drink If You Want To Keep Sober But Feel A Need To Drink Something

I prefer tea to coffee when I write. Don’t get me wrong; coffee is amazing and sometimes all I need to write is a hit of caffeine, but this is not always the case. Sometimes I just need a catalyst, something to force me into the right mind frame and that, for me, is tea. 

So why is tea so good to write with? 

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A Pantser’s Guide To Writing Regularly (As a Pantser)

Alternative title: Pantsing is Hard, Plotting is Harder, How About a Mix? 

As pantsers (for those of us who are such writers) we often lack a plan regarding our tales unlike our plotting counterparts; our stories are spontaneous and fantastical but boy can they be hard to get on the page sometimes! They are, in many ways, reliant on a spark of inspiration and an insatiable need to write. 

The hardest part of writing is getting started. 

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In Which I Try To Inspire You To Write Everyday (Starting Today)


It’s hard to write everyday, believe me, I know, you’re preaching to the choir. Almost every writer out there can sympathise with your struggles. We’re only human and we all have people we care about (and for), jobs (unless writing is your job, in which case you’re very lucky!), studies and other obligations. 

But writing every other day is not enough. Writing is a muscle and, just like any muscle, it withers with misuse. 

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My Ten Ways to (Attempt to) Generate One Sparkly New Idea

This post follows on from yesterday’s

Alternative titles: Ten Potential Ways To Generate Shiny New Ideas (If You’re Smart About It) or Ten Mind Numbingly Normal Ways To Generate Ideas


In the beginning, attempting to write outside your comfort zone will not be fun. All your ideas will no doubt be related to genres, themes, and characters you’re comfortable with and when you try to think outside them your mind will inevitably go blank. 

You might feel frustrated, fake, and foolish for attempting to try something new though you know, deep down, that this could be the best thing for your writing. So you push on, and give it some more thought. 

But you won’t come up with anything, not via your usual methods, you quickly find. 

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Some Reasons Why Your Writing ‘Rebound’ Should Be New And Sexy

Alternative titles: Why You Should Write Outside Your Comfort Zone or What To Do After You Dump Your Novel 

This follows on from yesterday’s post which ended with the following sentence: ‘try not to resurrect it [the dead idea] in your next novel, in fact I’d recommend a completely new and clean document,’. Today I’d like to discuss this. 

Firstly, congratulations, you’ve done it! You’ve dumped your novel, or maybe it dumped you, I don’t know, regardless, you’re free! Did you know that? 

Now what do you do? Start on a novel that is remarkably similar to your last? Wrong. 

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