Editing Advice From Various Writers, A List

Alternative title: The Results of My Being A Magpie When Researching Editing

Recently I’ve done quite a bit of reading about editing—not because I don’t know how to edit, but because I want to improve my editing. After all, there must be a reason why I’ve never managed to polish a book (apart from chronic procrastinating). 

Perhaps, I thought, I might be going at it from the wrong angle or something. I am most definitely guilty of line editing prematurely but what else am I doing that I might be able to do differently? In other words, what do other writers do? 

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Five Signs It’s Time To Move On

Alternative titles: ‘On Letting Go’ or ‘How to know when you’re riding a dead horse’ 


This isn’t something I’ve talked about much, not even on Twitter, but I’ve recently stopped working on a novel I’ve spent just over a year writing. And whilst a year doesn’t seem that long at all, the foundation of that story originated from a novel I started writing in 2009 which was a little while ago now.

Why did I stop writing it then? It was obviously going somewhere…

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