Why Tea is the Best Non-Alcoholic (Hot) Writing Beverage

Alternative title: A Socially Acceptable Way To Procrastinate In The Writing World or What To Drink If You Want To Keep Sober But Feel A Need To Drink Something

I prefer tea to coffee when I write. Don’t get me wrong; coffee is amazing and sometimes all I need to write is a hit of caffeine, but this is not always the case. Sometimes I just need a catalyst, something to force me into the right mind frame and that, for me, is tea. 

So why is tea so good to write with? 

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A Pantser’s Guide To Writing Regularly (As a Pantser)

Alternative title: Pantsing is Hard, Plotting is Harder, How About a Mix? 

As pantsers (for those of us who are such writers) we often lack a plan regarding our tales unlike our plotting counterparts; our stories are spontaneous and fantastical but boy can they be hard to get on the page sometimes! They are, in many ways, reliant on a spark of inspiration and an insatiable need to write. 

The hardest part of writing is getting started. 

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In Which I Try To Inspire You To Write Everyday (Starting Today)


It’s hard to write everyday, believe me, I know, you’re preaching to the choir. Almost every writer out there can sympathise with your struggles. We’re only human and we all have people we care about (and for), jobs (unless writing is your job, in which case you’re very lucky!), studies and other obligations. 

But writing every other day is not enough. Writing is a muscle and, just like any muscle, it withers with misuse. 

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