A Handful of Things I’ve Learnt About Blogging

Alternative title: In Which I Give Advice Regarding Blogging That I Seldom Take Myselfunsplash-kitsune-3

This blog is not my first, or second, or third. It’s probably my fifth, though who’s really keeping count? I remember my first with great clarity though the rest are rather blurred in my memories.

I must have been twelve when I started it and it only lived for a handful of months before being sucked into the depths of the internet. Back then, I had no idea what I was doing, and I still don’t, not really, but I have learnt a lot of things, some of which I’d like to share today:

    • A blog is like a plant or a pet; you need to feed/water it regularly or it’ll die. You also need to interact with it every now and then to keep it from getting lonely—respond to messages and so on.
    • Although you do need to keep posting on your blog for it to survive and continue to be relevant, you do not need to do so every single day. Find a timetable, one that works for you, and stick to it. Otherwise your content may suffer.
    • A blog is ever-evolving; it pays not to be afraid of change. You might set out to blog in a certain way, but you may find a handful of posts later, you’d much rather go another direction. Follow your head.
    • Each post may feel like a bit of a risk at the time but you have to go with it. Be courageous! You’ll figure out soon enough what works for you and what doesn’t. I still panic a little when hitting the ‘post’ button—the worry regarding whether or not you’ll enjoy what I’ve written will never leave me!
    • A blog post needs to be short; there are only a handful of people out there willing to read posts over 500 words so it’s good to keep things short. Further, you may actually find your writing improving—it’s not easy to keep things short!
    • A blog’s statistics have very little meaning; yes, that post about your cat may have received more views than anything else on your blog, but is that because of the content or the photo of your cat? Keep writing the things you believe in, don’t let the stats change you!

I realise I may sound a little hypocritical as I barely do half of what’s on this list, but regardless this is what I’ve learnt and am striving towards. I really do want this blog to work, and I feel it slowly is, but we’ll see!

What have you learnt? 

Thanks for reading!


The lovely photo is by Luke Chesser.


One thought on “A Handful of Things I’ve Learnt About Blogging

  1. AbsentElemental says:

    I agree with almost everything in this list. In particular, I really like your points about a blog being an ever-evolving entity. As most things in life are meant to go, if you’re not willing to evolve, you will fall behind. That said, I will disagree with the blog length comment. Typically speaking, I’m not going to read a post if its under 500 words. I rather enjoy long-form blogging (both as a writer and a reader), as it shows whether or not the writer has a true grasp of their writing skills.


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