Writing Space, Writing in Space, Where to Write

Alternative titles: ‘The Ultimate Way In Which To Procrastinate; Travelling To Write’ or ‘More Reasons I Can’t Write Right Now’


In theory, you should be able to write anywhere as long as you have the means necessary to do so, so a pen and a napkin (at the very least).

I disagree with this.

If there’s anything I’ve learnt in the last year or so in regards to writing, it’s that there are certain places where the words tend to flow faster than in others. To some extent, however, I realise this all must be in my head. But I’m still curious to the question, mind vs. environment; which wins? Is there a winner?

Places I like to write and tend to write more in:

Cafes; perhaps it’s the perceived prestige behind writing in a cafe or the environmental pressure (people are watching, I must at least pretend to be working) or the hit of caffeine, regardless, things get written here.

Library; I’d love to say it’s the environment here, the quiet, that pushes me to write but that’s simply not true. Just as with cafes, there is just something about writing in public. At the library, it’s also expected that you work (especially if you sit at one of the tables!), a social pressure. Further, the library’s WiFi isn’t the most reliable in that it works, sure, but only at certain times and for certain websites and as such there’s less of a distraction.

And that’s about it. 

When looking at the meagre list above, there appear to be several ‘key’ things that appear to make me write more (and they make the adorable easy-to-remember acronym ‘P.U.P.’):

  • Perceived prestige
  • Unreliable internet connection
  • Pressure from observers

So it seems to me that, in my case at least, environment triumphs over mind. Whilst I might want to write at home, and desperately need to, I find it incredibly difficult to get started (which is probably where P.U.P. comes in to play). It’s not that I can’t write at home, it’s just that it’s more efficient for me to write elsewhere.

Where do you write?

Have you ever explored writing in different places? Where did you go and what was it like? Also, what did you write on? (A notebook, laptop, napkin?).

Thanks for reading!



4 thoughts on “Writing Space, Writing in Space, Where to Write

  1. Saulus Sedai (@SaulusSedai) says:

    I definitely think perceived prestige is the biggest factor in choosing to write in public. When you write at home/in private it could be years (or never) before anyone knows that you’ve written something, but in public there’s a sense of instant gratification that we all love. And not only prestige, but there’s a greater sense of accomplishment in being seen doing something, like writing. Also, it’s like the adage that you shouldn’t study where you watch television, or something. Because you want your mind to be focused, and not thinking when I’m here I also do this – I don’t know if my meaning is clear.


    • jannakaixer says:

      True, unless you post about it constantly though (like me) though even then your friends and family may not be aware of it. There really is a form of instant gratification involved – I hadn’t thought of it like that but you’re right; we crave that sense of accomplishment. Oh right, though I’m not sure how true that holds these days. I definitely think it’s a mistake to write where you sleep, but that’s more of a health and posture thing. It makes sense to me!

      Thanks for the comment! I love hearing your thoughts!



  2. chaptersinflux says:

    Interesting! I really don’t have a fixed writing space – I never really have. I tend to set up at the kitchen bench, near the coffee table, in the lunch room or at my desk at work, on the train. Meetings are a giant writing place for me! I’ve never needed a fixed writing place to zone in, though I understand the reasons why people might like them for psychological reasons, like accountability (people seeing you there and expecting you to be working!) or knowing “this is the place I go to write”.

    Having said all that I recently got a craving for a writing place, like a study or something, where I could have all my writing stuff and tuck away into.

    I guess what I’m trying to say is I typically write wherever I am, but I’m starting to come around to the idea of a fixed place to write being a good thing 🙂


  3. quix689 says:

    There is something great about writing in a coffee shop. I don’t know that I’m more productive there than anywhere else, but it always makes me feel like writing. Of course, I get the same feeling at home when I have my NaNo coffee mug next to me. I discovered it doesn’t even have to have coffee in it (thought it’s better if it does).


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