2015 – A Year of Firsts

Photo by Mike Powell.

“…I love first times. I want my whole life to be composed of them. Life is only interesting if life is wide…” — Kill Your Darlings (movie).

2015 will be an explosive year filled with an almost daunting amount of first times and amazing opportunities. It will be my first year at University studying Law conjoint with English (and potentially Psychology) which is very exciting. Despite the challenges the new environment will no doubt throw at me, I would love to take a leap forward in my writing career.

To ensure this, and to further ‘widen’ my life, I’ve set myself a series of writerly goals, of ‘first times’ I’d like to achieve in ‘the writing world’ this year. The following were inspired by Brooke Warner’s post;

  1. Guest post for a blog I admire.
  2. Get my name in print.
  3. Read a banned book during banned book week.
  4. Submit a story for an anthology.
  5. Attend a local author reading.
  6. Attend Writers’ Week in Auckland, New Zealand.
  7. Shop on Independent Bookstore Day
  8. Write and post a book review.
  9. Go to a writers’ conference.
  10. Participate in the upcoming #PitMad.
  11. Map a book I love.
  12. Visit a printing plant (if possible!).
  13. Enter writing competitions – at least 10 this year.
  14. Map out a timeline for my current novel.
  15. Create a book cover for my current novel.
  16. Commit to a blog! (Post at least once a week for the year!).
  17. Get a logo made/make a logo.
  18. Read 55 books (of own choosing) in a year.
  19. Reach 10,000 followers on Twitter.
  20. Experiment with freelance work.
  21. Write a screenplay, even if it’s just a short one.

Here’s to a 2015 filled with firsts.



2 thoughts on “2015 – A Year of Firsts

  1. SJ Foster says:

    That’s an impressive list and I really admire you for it… I hope you achieve at least five things from it. Just don’t forget to experience a little of life away from the keyboard, pen and paper and writerly pursuits. It’s only we give ourselves a little room to breathe and grow that the muse helps us discover our own voice….. Good luck, these are some great goals!


    • jannakaixer says:

      Thank you! I know, it really is important to spend time away from the keyboard and as a binge-writer it’s not something I have a lot of trouble with. I have a mountain of other goals outside of writing I also hope to achieve – perhaps I’m being too ambitious but I don’t think it hurts to aim high. I totally agree with you though.

      Thanks again!


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